Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Chuck Todd on Rick Santorum's strategy

Todd's comments on Santorum come at around the 8-minute mark.
Chuck Todd: The wild card is Santorum…His calculus is what? Newt’s gonna implode again because he’s never lasted more than 10 days as a frontrunner in most of his political life, right? That’s the stereotypical jab at Newt. When he’s up, he always shoots himself as he falls down. So the question Santorum is thinking is: ‘Great, they’re not gonna go to Mitt, I’ll hang here. This is how I won Iowa the first time.’ But does he spend his time on the debate stage making the case that he’s the real conservative, which then is a slight hit at Romney? Or does he spend some time going after Newt? So he’s sort of a wild card, I think, when watching this. But he, too, seems to only have one foot in Florida and that he wants to look for other places.
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