Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mitt Romney’s Mormonism and his politics

TAC - Mitt The True Believer by Rod Dreher
And yet, to the extent Wallace-Wells’s portrait of Romney accurately reflects the man’s relationship to his faith, it seems to me a pretty accurate description of the way many conservative American Christians live: Christianity as what successful bourgeois people do. Follow the rules, conform, and you will have success in life. The thing is, there’s some truth in that. If your religion helps you to learn self-discipline, the habits of good stewardship, modesty, and communal devotion, then whether it’s true or not, it will leave you and your children better off. Note well that this is a sociological point, not a theological one. Despite the strange theology of the Mormon religion, it seems to me in practice to be close to how conservative American Christians of all churches live...
NYMag - Mitt’s Stake
For almost ten years, Romney led the Mormon church in Boston, shouldering the needs of his community. Is this the same man now running for president as a champion of individualism?
The Heresy of Nationalism

Why Mitt Romney's Mormonism Does Matter

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