Thursday, February 28, 2013

Archimandrite Lev Gillet

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The Jesus Prayer
A classic treatise on the Jesus Prayer written by Fr. Lev Gillet, also known through many of his writings as "A Monk of the Eastern Church".
In this excellent article, Father Lev Gillet, an Orthodox monk, discusses what it means to have a "heavenly vision", and the importance of pursuing that vision in today's age. Father Gillet is also widely known throughout his writings as "A Monk of the Eastern Church."
As we endure these difficult times and suffering, we experience a range of emotions, including despair, anger, and restlessness. The Lord has blessed us with His peace and promised us victory over all evil.

Reflections in Christ

Father Lev Gillet: The Monk in the City, a Pilgrim in many worlds by Fr. Michael Plekon
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