Friday, April 05, 2013

Why I’m Orthodox and Not Catholic

Ancient Faith Radio

Approaching the Wardrobe by Jeff Wisniewski
Why I’m Orthodox and Not Catholic
April 04, 2013 Length: 25:03
The humble heart of Pope Francis and memories of John Paul II have Jeff contemplating good things in Catholicism, but also why there is a certain “heaviness” to it and why he became Eastern Orthodox instead.

Ancient Faith Today
Papacy, Primacy, and Orthodoxy
March 24, 2013 Length: 102:50
Fr Laurent Cleenewerck, author of His Broken Body: Understanding and Healing the Schism between the Roman Catholic and Orthodox Churches and the editor of the Eastern Orthodox Bible (EOB), discusses with host Kevin Allen papacy, primacy, and church as they are differently understood in both Catholicism and Orthodoxy.

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Fr. Laurent Cleenewerck
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