Tuesday, January 03, 2006

recommended reading on ecclesiology

Considering an on-going conversation between Scott Langford over at Radical Preaching, Dr. John Wright, Eric Lee, and others on the topic of the Church (i.e. On the Square), I am making the following reading recommendations. These following books are must-have & must-read. These are the best of the best. If anyone has any further suggestions, please post them in the comments.

I recommend reading this article, which posted over several posts on this blog in the April Archive.


Eric Lee said...

Would de Lubac's Catholicism be useful here, too?

I blogged on John Milbank's Theology & Social Theory a few months, and this post is about ecclesiology, at least in part:

Week of Milbank, post 4: The stoicism of the gap, Tarantino style

It's from a Protestant perspective, but John R. Franke's The Character of Theology: An Introduction to Its Nature, Task, and Purpose (A Post-Conservative Evangelical Approach) has some great stuff in it about ecclesiology stemming from a theology steeped in the Triune God.

I'll think of more soon, probably...



Fr. D.L. Jones said...

De Lubac's Catholicism is a classic book, one which I highly recommend in regards to the faith. Refer to my left column. In many ways, it's an intro. to his thought on many, many topics, which he explores later on in other books in much greater detail. For de Lubac's eccelesiology though, The Splendor of the Church and the Motherhood of the Church are best.

Eric Lee said...

Ah, thanks for the clarification!

By the way, nice new icon! :)

Oh, and I won't be able to call you until later today. I have a few meetings to go to and a lot of work to do before I can find some free time.



Fr. D.L. Jones said...

Eric, thanks for your comments!

Al Kimel was kind enough to make the following recommendations.

Church of Churches: The Ecclesiology of Communion by J. M. R. Tillard

The Motherhood of the Church: Followed by Particular Churches in the Universal Church by Henri de Lubac

On-line articles
Ecclesiology of Lumen Gentium by Cardinal Ratzinger

The Catholicity of the Church by Georges Florovsky